Impact Kenya is a media based project that holds both national and county leadership accountable in governance. Our job is to specifically tackle corruption and nepotism at both the national and county levels. The flagship project comes in three parts.

  1. A media broadcasted town hall or conference panel based live discussion forum that will involve both young and old county and national leaders directly answering questions from the civil society and chosen public on regular basis.
  2. A national correspondence platform that will allow independent investigative writers to develop articles and reports on the status of corruption and nepotism in appointments in whatever county they will be in. This National network of correspondents will be paid by Olives Media based on how much traction their stories receive.
  3. A media lab that will invite the most brilliant coders and computer programmers from all over Kenya with mentorship from their various brilliant counterparts from Palo Alto and possibly Stanford University to develop at least 12 relational database experiments that we already have in store.

This is a flagship project for Olives Media. Olives Media or True Light Media (the two names at any point any time mean the same company) was started by Andrew Akelo Omogo, a senior journalism student at United States International University – Africa (USIU Africa) and a 2014 Mandela Washington Fellow. With the desire to go beyond boundaries, Olives Media was originally formed as a non-profit media entity in December of 2010 to explore, enhance and expose the talent of Pan African young people by creating opportunities for linkages between youth, government and non-government institutions, and international media entities.

The company’s agenda has since expanded to become both a non-profit and for-profit advocacy platform for Public Policy and governance issues in Africa, advancing Public Service Media in Sub Saharan Africa. The company also hopes to launch mega relational database and social media projects / platforms that could revolutionize certain industries globally. We have those in place as we create an infrastructure to launch each of them.