1. The regular citizens of Kenya who will enjoy peace and tranquility.
  2. The Central government that will not now experience huge resources on rebuilding after destruction of property.
  3. The Counter terrorism and national security agencies that will have received much boost and support in fighting terrorism and post-election violence
  4. Ethnic or religious groups that should now easily live and work side by side easily without the fear of an individual attacking another because of ethnic or religious differences
  5. Young People whose energy would have now been averted from violent extremism to focus on more positive life goals and contribute to United Nations Millennium Development Goals


  1. To contribute to United Nations Millennium Development Goals
  2. To foster cohesion among ethnic and religious groups that have the highest tendency and vulnerability to violent extremism.
  3. To counter terrorism activities within Kenya and possibly the world should our model prove effective for other countries to emulate
  4. To ensure there’s constant existence of peace and tranquility among the diverse ethnic and religious groups in Kenya.


  1. To sensitize the youth on the dangers of radical ideologies that lead to crimes like murder, emotional or physical injury of humans or destruction of property.
  2. To ensure that Kenya is peaceful country with much less likely occurrence of violence related to fundamentalist or extremist ideologies.


  1. The Live Broadcasted Town Hall Forum (details)
  2. The National Correspondence Network (details)
  3. Community Based Organization (CBO) Community Mobilization (details)
  4. Development of Short Documentaries on regions of concern ( In this case, counties) (details)
  5. Informal Youth led peace, integration and inter-ethnic cohesion seminars.
  6. Research on Extremist Violence Triggers and their Solutions
  7. Development of MyGuard: An integrated, global online platform that prevents or reduces the chances of an extremist attack.

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