The Sustainable Development Goals Supported by this Program

  • SDG One: No Poverty
  • SDG Ten: Reduced Inequalities
  • SDG Sixteen: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

In order to achieve the general objective of Impact Kenya, Elections Monitoring, Reporting  and Evaluation (IKGEMRE) must be supported and promoted to ensure that proper accountable leaders are elected into office and the independent electoral and boundaries commission conducts proper, credible elections.

Kenya has experienced subsequent post-election violence since independence, but the cases have been more profound in the last four elections or so. The case was worse in 2007 when the opposition Orange Democratic movement called for Mass action to compel the electoral commission to announce them as winners. As a result, over 1000 people died, leaving a country that had long exercised peace on the brink of ethnic based genocide.

The major cause of this crisis above has been an electoral system that has failed to come up with proper voter participation through voter registration, election, counting and results amalgamation system which is independent of and cannot be reached and influenced by private ethnocentric and aristocratic political groupings.

This must change and the independent non-profit private sector innovation must be involved to bring in the checks and balances required to check the excesses of the Kenyan Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, which in practical sense, is never really independent but secretly subservient to the state machinery.

This is why through the General Elections Monitoring and reporting program, we are launching several activities that will bring in these checks and balances, especially during the elections season and in between political administrations.


  1. The regular citizens of Kenya who will enjoy peace and tranquility without post-election violence.
  2. Impact Kenya as a program since we will be trusted and relied upon to give credibility of elections.
  3. The Candidates for various posts who would have experienced free and fair elections, encouraging more talented young leaders from various backgrounds to get involve with mature politics.
  4. The Judiciary, government departments, various governmental and non-governmental organizations and candidates who can use our data to ascertain the true results of an electoral contest should there be disputes.
  5. Young People whose energy would have now been averted from frustrations of a bungled election to focus on more positive life goals and contribute to United Nations Millennium Development Goals.
  6. International and regional election observer missions who will make use of  properly storage and disseminated accurate elections data.
  7. Possibly a whole world that will get the services of our integrated technological platform to ensure proper elections are done in their countries, contributing immensely to the spread of democracy.


  1. To contribute to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, by ensuring recording, storage and dissemination of accurate elections data.
  2. To counter disinformation, promote reliable independent sources, and facilitate access to information for ordinary citizens on public issues. Thus ensure easy access, credibility, transparency and accountability in an electoral process.
  3. To support freedom of expression, a diversity of public opinion and representation, and counter illegal hate speech online, particularly in times of societal stress or crisis (Voice and Participation), like a potential post-election chaos.
  4. To support the judiciary and various departments of government, international and regional election observer missions with proper data as evidence should there be disputes on the results of any electoral contest.
  5. To prevent election related violence, not just in Kenya but around the world with the innovative integrated online platform we are developing.
  6. To ensure there’s constant existence of peace and tranquility among the diverse ethnic and religious groups after an election.
  7. Ensuring continued protection and improvement of human rights and fundamental freedoms and to protect the minority and the vulnerable groups in society.

Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

As a result of any nationwide or regional political electoral malpractice, election related violence always erupts and interferes with all aspects of our lives. A lot of bad things happen at this time which includes violation of individual rights to protection, cohesion, coexistence, peace and tranquility. During post election violence, people get killed, our mothers, sisters and daughters get raped, our houses, environment, infrastructure and the economy eventually get severely affected and nearly destroyed.  So we must come up with activities, including a platform that must ensure we conduct proper general election and prevent destruction of the environment that properly supports human rights and fundamental freedoms.


  1. The existence of a proper credible electoral process in Kenya that can be emulated by other countries.
  2. A General election that is much less expensive and takes out so many unnecessary bureaucratic and time wasting stages.
  3. A Kenya is that is peaceful with much less likely occurrence of violence related to a bungled election.
  4. Continued maintenance and improvement of the environment that protects basic human rights and fundamental freedoms.
  5. The emergence of political representation from the minority and vulnerable groups of society as a result of improved democratic systems.
  6. A Kenya that can easily full rights of freedom of expression, free access to information and freedom of responsible media. And that this can influence other countries as well.


  1. The Live Broadcasted Town Hall Forum (details)
  2. The National Correspondence Network (details)
  3. Community Based Organization (CBO) Community Mobilization (details)
  4. Development of Short Documentaries on regions of concern ( In this case, counties) (details)
  5. Live streaming of results on social media channels as they trickle in
  6. Development and maintenance of Voteller:  An artificially intelligent electronic voter platform that transfers Kenya into complete paperless electronic voting, with a social media aspect to it. Accessible only to registered voters.

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