Impact Integrated Information  and Communication Technology Laboratory or ImpactLab is an incubation center that does experiments on integrated, global online platforms that solve major problems in society.

Located both in Nairobi, Kenya and Palo Alto, California, The United States, the incubator has a team that identifies problems that may exist now or in the future and comes up with integrated global information technology based solutions to solve them.

All  integrated, global online platforms mentioned on this site are being  developed by Impact Lab after which they are handed over to various departments with Olives Media and various stakeholders interested in them around the world to use them to solve the identified problems. Impact Lab will also have hosting capabilities with latest cyber defense systems to be able to host domains.

All  integrated, global online platforms mentioned on this site and those that are yet to be revealed inside Olives Media or ImpactLab are creations of Olives Media and ImpactLab and as such are copyrighted and patented protocols subject to copyright and patenting laws of the United States, the Republic of Kenya and world trade organization. Copying or Licensing of the same technological protocols without the express permission of Olives Media or ImpactLab will lead to prosecution.