Immediate former President of the United States, Barack Obama would be heard in the corners and corridors of the White House encouraging his team. His most famous catch sentences and phrases would always be, “Not perfect, but better! You can Improve it!”

And that’s our attitude at Olives Media/ True Light Media. Impact Kenya is the flagship project for Olives Media / True Light Media and we intend to improve on it day by day and use it as a launch pad for great things. We are always excited to welcome new bright, talented young professionals in our midst who are willing to stick through the roads to the overwhelmingly good end gain.

The key to being a part of Impact Kenya and Olives Media in general is having the encouraging, optimistic, energetic, cohesion minded,  patient, hard working, multicultural and non judgmental attitude that never gives up, sees the necessity of innovation and works for a better future. It may not be perfect the first time, but day by day, it can be better and better. We are inviting applications now.

  • Are you passionate about proper accountable use of resources at counties? Do you have any stories about corruption and nepotism within county governments? Do you wish to see your county well managed? Do you wish to see the governors and the county executives held accountable for every shilling they use, every contract they sign and how companies are hired at county level to provide services to the public? We would love to hear from you! This is your chance to get paid while you pursue your agenda of a better county! We are looking for talented and passionate young people all over the country to begin their exciting career journey with us. Kindly follow this link for more information