From October, we hold a county by county town hall or conference panel based Live discussion forum that will involve both young and old County and National Leaders directly answering questions from the chosen public on regular basis.

This chosen public will be about 100 to 300 people composed of members of youth organizations, civil society, private companies, diplomatic representations, both community, political and human rights activists and any groups that need be represented.


The objectives of this program include the following

  1. To get leaders to directly engage the public in issues of governance and accountability to public decisions and allocation of resources.
  2. To get leaders to be accountable for every decision they make, which is supposed to be in the best interest of the public that they govern.
  3. To get leaders to be accountable to the electorate on how they spend every public dime.
  4. To constantly air gender based and other marginalized issues, putting a spotlight on them that they may be addressed.
  5. To share timely governance information with the electorate and keep the public well informed that they may not stay ignorant. This helps the electorate make right decisions come the elections day or relevantly contribute to community development if called upon.
  6. Lastly, the overall goal, to provide a platform for constant direct dialogue and information sharing between the electorate and their local leaders.


Impact Kenya will involve;

  • A Town Hall Forum involving a panel of 5 regional or national leaders answering structured questions from members of the Public.
  • An Interactive Forum on what leaders are constantly doing to stop the wave of corruption, male dominance and nepotism in governance.
  • Both activities in the above bullets will happen regularly in every county and be aired live on local Television, radio and social media live stream channels.
  • We will focus on one region at a time or if funding increases, we can do at least three counties simultaneously.
  • Rating of leaders who would be involved in answering of the questions and analyzing whether they are continually fit for office.
  • Collection of data which includes
  1. Viewership of the Forum in various media Channel particularly the Inaugural TV Channel
  2. Emails and Responses from the Public
  3. Social Media (Twitter, #ImpactKenya, Facebook, Impact Kenya)